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Galaga does seem to have what it takes, but if it doesn't quite meet Alex's needs, I'd suggest extending Galaga rather than reinventing the wheel. I looked at Galaga a few months ago when I was considering how to notify IM applications and other desktop applications that "I'm not here" so that, for example on thin clients:

  When I pull my smart card out, I'd like GAIM to mark me as "Away"
When I pull my smart card out, I'd like GNOME stock ticker and other screen update applications to slow their refresh rate or otherwise reduce their resource and network bandwidth usage.

For this I think there needs to be an interface to indicate local presence which doesn't rely on any instant messaging client running. Could Galaga be made to read a /desktop/gnome/presence gconf key if no IM client is running? Or would it be better to makd the /desktop/gnome/presence gconf key the focal point for presence and have Galaga write to that?

Ross Burton wrote:
On Tue, 2007-01-23 at 12:38 +0000, Alex Jones wrote:
But that presence is backed by Gaim, right? So that leaves it up to Gaim
to dictate session user presence, based on some IM account. This isn't a
good idea IMO - Gaim isn't what I'd consider to be a desktop service!

This idea sits underneath Gaim, or whatever app you wish to choose that
might be interested in *real* session user presence, as in the actual
presence of a user at the computer seat.

No, there is a gaim feed, but there is also a telepathy feed, and a
gossip feed.  The point of Galago was to abstract the presence and
rosters, not to be a front-end to gaim.


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