GNOME 2.16.3 Showstopper Review


GNOME 2.16.3 will be released at the end of the month, and 2.18 is not
that far away. time to get the worst crashers and users' problems fixed
- please take a look at this list.

we also would like volunteers to write up future reports, please take a
look at if interested.

=> Port HEAD to use EogJobQueue

blocks bug 320206 which has 107 dups total.
claudio attached a partial patch and stated that there are many ways to
make the fullscreen mode crash which have to be fixed.
claudio, what's the state of this? Can this be addressed for 2.18.0, or
will it require too much work?

=> Evolution crashes sometimes when closing main window

140 dups total.
there have already been several unsuccessful approaches to fix this.
harish will hopefully look into this. if anybody can easily reproduce
this crash, he should please poke harish.

=> crash in Terminal.

105 dups total.
probably needs a better stacktrace, still not much info available.
guilherme is unable to reproduce this, perhaps anybody can help here?
=> crash in Terminal: changing icon theme

171 dups total.
again, still no new info available.
guilherme, perhaps the stacktrace of bug 359614 is helpful here?

=> handle keyring auth denial

christian assigned this to himself two weeks ago - christian, is this
doable for 2.18.0?
=> text files listed as application/octet-stream on non local system

still the same info as two months ago:
this was targetted to GNOME 2.14.x. Christian, does anybody take a look
at this issue? Gicmo has added an excerpt of the SFTP spec to that bug
report that could perhaps be adapted.

=> crash on assertion in gst_asf_demux_get_var_length

187 dups total.
stacktrace with symbols and line numbers available, and some testcases
in comment 35.
this cannot be fixed by the fluendo folks due to NDA issues (see comment
#60) - any volunteer takers?

=> crash on Open Folder

527 (!!) dups total.
hard to reproduce according to the comments, mostly happens after
upgrading the distribution.
no news or progress at all for the last two months, though this is
currently the *worst* bug that we have.

=> crash in Nautilus CD/DVD Creator

148 dups total.
some valgrind reports and /etc/hosts have been attached to the report
(as requested by sebastien), but no news here for the last two months.
is somebody working on this? what additional info is needed?

Changes/Fixes since the last review[1]:
      * Control-Center bug 133815 that forced people to log in/log out
        has been (finally) fixed.
      * Control-Center bug 356435 (crash in fonts) has been fixed.
      * Deskbar-Applet bug 359251 (former blocker) got only 4 dups in
        the last 30 days - removed the gnome-target milestone.
      * the "Ekiga crashes when closing the application" issue has been
        fixed (bug 359655).
      * Epiphany bug 351814 (bookmark crash) has been fixed.
      * Epiphany bug 353503 (77 dups total) is blocked by an upstream
        bug (see comment #60).
      * Nautilus bug 320020 has been fixed.



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