Re: [announce] gnome-proxy

This is just a wonderful addition to GNOME, I hope this will mature quickly :) and that
NetworkManager will stop crying when static IP are used :D

Concerning the implementation, is there any per proxy password support ? because
this seems to be lacking in the current GNOME gconf proxy keys.

On 1/18/07, Nathaniel McCallum <nathaniel natemccallum com > wrote:
Oh, and I know the code is a bit of crack.  I just wanted to get it
working. :)


On Wed, 2007-01-17 at 23:05 -0500, Nathaniel McCallum wrote:
> I'd like to announce a proof-of-concept I've been working on and
> hopefully get some feedback/help moving forward.
> gnome-proxy ( is a replacement for
> gnome-network-preferences with the following added features:
>   * Per-network proxy settings (via NetworkManager)
>   * Support for the widely deployed WPAD and PAC non-specs
>   * Easy D-Bus API providing optional (soft) dependency
>   * Automatic profile switching (via NetworkManager)
>   * The goal of JustWorks (no manual proxy configuration/switching)
> gnome-proxy-daemon is a user-session daemon that provides the D-Bus
> method org.gnome.Proxy.getProxy(url).  All the details of proxy settings
> are hidden behind that D-Bus call.  Applications would no longer need to
> correctly parse various gconf keys, but just simply call one method.
> Additionally this handles NetworkManager network-switching as well as
> auto-updating the old gconf keys for backwards compatibility with
> gnome-network-preferences.
> gnome-proxy-preferences is similar to gnome-network-preferences with the
> added benefit of the ability to handle per-network profiles.
> Of course, this is still just a proof-of-concept, so I expect a lot of
> bugs (though, this does work pretty well for me).  Don't blame me if it
> eats your computer, your hand or your dog.  I am definitely accepting
> patches, bug reports, etc.
> gnome-proxy requires libwpad ( for
> WPAD/PAC support. libwpad in turn also (ATM) requires Firefox.  Again, I
> am accepting patches.
> gnome-proxy TODO:
>   * proper build system
>   * translation
>   * polish, bug fixes, etc
> libwpad TODO:
>   * build system polish
>   * Implement DHCP query support
>   * Implement SLP support (maybe)
>   * Support for spidermonkey or another js engine (apart from FF)
>   * make a real release
> Anyway, give it a spin, let me know how it goes...
> Nathaniel
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