Re: Proposed module: tracker


On Wed, 10 Jan 2007 18:11:16 +0100, Andr? R?diger wrote:
> 1. Identify candidates that could use the tracker features. I think of

I just want to fully support this point. Tracker (or beagle, or whatever)
sounds great. Let's use it. Then, when it's useful, let's include it.

Think of it like this: right now, the release announcement will be like
this: "we include tracker". In 2.20, the release announcement could be as
cool as this: "we include tracker, and this means you can search through
your document, automatically find music for in your music player, find video
for in your video player, find contacts, email and everything in less than a
split second!"

Add some PR salt&pepper to that and it should be good to go. Don't include
it just because it sounds cool, include it because it makes our applications


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