Re: Proposed module: GnomeScan


I'm the developer of Gnome Scan. Let me answer objections.

     1. I sent a request for SVN Repos a few hours ago. I used gna!
        hosting waiting for Gnome SVN.
     2. Gnome Scan now have translation for arabic ( release).
     3. Gnome Scan provide doc (using gtk-doc) for libgnomescan and
        libgnomescanui API.

Anyway, i'm against inclusion in Gnome 2.18. Let me explain why.

     1. Gnome Scan is very immature and I intend to break API again. I
        intend to redesign the API in a manner more consistent with
     2. Gnome Scan lakes features like gamma correction, highlight and
        shadow point, etc. The design of the project does not allow that
        (Need further improvment).
     3. Gnome Scan lakes post processing features like descreening, OCR,
        etc. (Need to wait this summer for Emmanuel Fleury work).
     4. HAL does not support scanner yet, but Martin Owens work on it,
        and i'm talking with him (and other) in hal and sane mailing
     5. Gnome Scan didn't follow Gnome schedule, and will receive huge
        changes in the following months.
     6. Gnome Scan do not provide Abiword plugin nor Evolution, (no OCR,
        API incomplete).

This is why i prefer to let Gnome Scan as "side" project, not included
in final tarbal (e.g. don't follow schedule and QA). I prefer Gnome Scan
to be packaged in various distro at such development stage.

I hope Gnome Scan will totally migrate to a full Gnome hosting solution
before Gnome 2.18 release.

I also intend to provide a reasonabily stable release for Gnome 2.18 (so
that distro).


Verso l'Alto !

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