Re: gnome-panel menu lockdown proposal

Hi Matt,

On Mon, 2007-01-08 at 11:12 +0000, Matt Keenan wrote:

> Three patches are required for this :
>   - gnome-panel (DONE)- Check of restricted application launching is set 
> to true then :
>     - hide items on menus whose application is not in the allowed list
>     - hide launcher icons on panels whose application is not in the 
> allowed list
>     - Restrict creating of launchers by D'n'D whose application are not 
> in the allowed
>       list.

	When this first came up, I didn't pull the patches upstream because I
felt that the best way to achieve this was to make menu and panel
editing easier for admins.

	i.e. our current solution is for admins to just remove the items from
the menus/panel using Sabayon and a menu editor.

	What wouldn't be obvious to most people is that Sun wanted the GConf
keys in any case because APOC wouldn't work with e.g. .menu files :-)


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