Re: Software installation using gnome

> On Wed, 2007-01-03 at 15:08 +0000, Chris Vaughan wrote:
>> Thanks, I already know how to create a desktop icon.  What I want is a
>> default template of sorts so that when a new user is created a set of
>> icons appear automatically.  I guess I could create a startup script
>> that would parse /home/users to determine if a new user has been
>> created and then write the icons to the desktop.
>> That seams a little excessive though and I'm assuming there is
>> something already available in Gnome that does it.  If not it would be
>> nice if you could add it!  It would make life for software developers
>> easier to create a polished install for Linux.
>> Thanks,
> You can create a Desktop folder in /etc/skel and put your desktop icons
> there.

That's the right solution, using the skel[1] dir, you could even get the
location of the skel dir from the output of  'useradd -D' in case some
distro/admin have changed the default /etc/skel (which is rare).


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