Proposed module: swfdec-gnome

Proposal on d-d-l:

Short description:
swfdec-gnome's purpose is integration of Flash files into the Gnome
desktop. It currently provides a thumbnailer and a playback application
for local files similar to the stand-alone application Adobe ships on
(Note: this is not about a flash browser plugin)

Requires new external dependencies:

Summary so far:
 + again, this is not about a flash browser plugin
 + not using the GNOME infrastructure yet, but maintainer is happy to do
 + some ideas to do even more integration for flash
   games/animations/etc. where it can make sense
 + GStreamer backend seemed to have serious issues, but the end of the
   thread indicates this should eventually get fixed before 2.22
 + no explicit +1, but positive feelings

Benjamin can probably send an update about the GStreamer backend in


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