Re: Extreme memory usage for gnome-panel related apps

With that memory usage i wouldn't mind it at all if ALL my memory was
used up and my OS was lightning fast.. but that's not the case. it's
just poor memory usage of those applications.

And i understand the "programmers" that make python based applications
(or c#) but that has some issues along the way.
You spend more memory with those apps and they are bad for your
performance.. if they would have been written in c or c++ than it
wouldn't use that much memory and the performance would have been a
lot better.

But well.. c/c++ is hard to learn. Python isn't that hard and the same
applications can be build with it so that's probably why it's tempting
use it.. but it does blow up the memory usage and kills performance..

At the moment i'm learning Java.. which can also do all those
applications but it has the same issues as python (in performance and
memory). Is there any "easy to learn" language that isn't killing
performance and isn't taking up extreme amounts of memory? (ruby?)
this article [1] might be interesting


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