Re: Python 3.0 plans

Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
On Wed, 2007-08-29 at 12:37 -0300, Johan Dahlin wrote:

Couple thoughts:

  - Do things more Pythonesque.  Looking at Pango bindings, for example
replace all to_string() methods with __str__.  Same for compare(),
equal(), etc.  Or should it be in addition?

This can already be done as it is, there's no need to break the API, it's just syntactic sugar. eg __str__ can be implemented to as to_string().
Is it actually worth the pain to remove the old names?
Perhaps, I'm unsure.

  - Finish and use gobject-introspection.

gobject-introspection isn't quite finished yet, but hopefully it'll be ready before Python 3.0 is finished.


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