Re: Full screen GtkDrawingArea performance sucking - help me!

Alex Jones wrote:
> Hi list
> In my quest to write an awesome backdrop rendering app, I have this test
> program that draws random colours to a GtkDrawingArea. For me, any size
> over about 300x300 at 60fps just causes insane lag in Xorg -- the
> renderings seem to queue up. If I run cairo clock maximised full screen,
> it literally LAGS by about 5 seconds. Telling it to close takes ages, as
> if the X connection is completely saturated. My own cairo clock which
> draws the second hand smoothly between intervals shows that it seems to
> run at less-than-real-time, but still smoothly. Eventually, the clock
> skips ahead by 10 seconds or so.
> I have a 2.8 GHz Pentium 4 with 1 GB of RAM, nothing using my CPU and a
> Radeon 9800 Pro with the r200 drivers. What's going on? This is a total
> spanner-in-the-works for me.

Please open $YOUR_FAVORITE_PROFILER and provide some proof that your
issues are related to GTK+.


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