Re: org.gnome.Application DBus Interface

On Tue, 2007-08-14 at 23:30 +0100, Alex Jones wrote:

> The only reason I want to use, e.g. InvokeURIAction("Play", URI) vs.
> Play(URI) is that it makes implementation easier, and means we have a
> clean namespace for the URI actions. (The other alternative for that
> last point is to make *another* interface, say,
> "org.gnome.Application.URIAction".)

I guess InvokeURIAction is just a generalization of OpenURI (where Open
would be the default action). 

I suppose you're doing it because that's how gnome-open behaves
currently. But what will you do when gvfs will deprecate URIs as the
primary way of referring to a file ?

And, besides, InvokeAction would just be another generalisation, where
the argument can be something else than an URI...

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