Re: GNOME 2.20.0 beta 1

On 8/15/07, Brian Cameron <Brian Cameron sun com> wrote:
> I just noticed on the 2.19 schedule that we were supposed to release
> 2.19.90 this past Monday and today was supposed to be the 2.20 beta1
> release?  There wasn't any announcement on this list, so I haven't
> yet spun a version of GDM.  Is this release being delayed?

As Kjartan pointed out 2.20 beta1 is just a nickname for 2.19.90.  (As
mentioned on the full schedule; we don't allow alphabetical characters
in official version numbers).  Other than announcing the schedule to
everyone early in the cycle, announcements are not made on this list.
Tarball due reminders are usually sent to devel-announce-list, but we
forgot to do that this time.  Sorry about that; hopefully a good side
effect will come out of this: people will check the schedule more
often ( for the official
schedule; has the abbreviated version).

Hope that helps,

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