Proposing gnome-devel-docs

I'd like to propose the inclusion of gnome-devel-docs
in the developer tools suite for 2.20.  I started this
module in June 2006 with my Platform Overview, and have
since moved the GDP Style Guide and GDP Handbook into
it.  I'm currently waiting on the SVN admins to move
Federico's Integration Guide and the HIG into it.

The idea is that gnome-devel-docs will contain all of
our high-level, platform-wide developer documentation
(i.e. not API references or anything that distinctly
belong to one module).  Everything in gnome-devel-docs
will be maintained and released regularly.

The documentation in gnome-devel-docs is written and
released in DocBook XML, and they use gnome-doc-utils
to install and register with ScrollKeeper.  The only
build- and install-time dependency is gnome-doc-utils,
although Yelp or a compatible DocBook viewer is needed
for the documents to be really useful.

I've made one release of gnome-devel-docs, although
the documents inside have existed for some time now.

I'm waiting for a bugzilla product to be added:


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