Re: online desktop APIs

Mugshot is a couple different things that are relevant here:

  1) it's just a server. Several of the apps that comprise
  "Mugshot" really are pretty unrelated to one another to
  various degrees. We can run whatever code on this server we need.
  There are some services such as account creation, etc. that all
  code on it can use.

Who are "we"? From your explanations I'm almost guessing that it is
some combination of GNOME and RedHat. Then would it be possible to add
some gaming to Mugshot? It would be pretty fun to play Gnometris
against someone over the Mugshot server. Or even better,
GnomeScrabble! Can you imagine how many grandmas would instantly
switch to GNOME if playing scrabble was as easy as Programs -> Games
-> GnomeScrabble??

  2) it's a "see everything your friends are doing online" application
  in particular, that looks at music people are playing, blog posts,
  facebook activity, new photos, etc. and pulls that together into a
  timeline. It also has links from someone's Mugshot page to their other
  profiles. But it isn't intended to *replace* any of those things.

Why is that useful?

We really need help on the huge list on by the way
;-) (including adding more to it, and adding more detail on what to
watch on each service, but also of course on implementation!)

I'm sometimes lurking in desktop-devel-list gnome org, does that
count? :) What about game servers and message boards?

Also, how do you plan to bridge language barriers? An English
community site is only good for native English speakers.

mvh Björn

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