Re: libnotify dependency

On 2/11/07, Jonh Wendell <wendell_listas bani com br> wrote:
Will libnotify get in Gnome Dependencies? As listed on ?

We're so fast at responding.  ;-)  I'm pretty sure someone else asked
the same question last fall too.  Anyway, I've added it to the
_proposed_ external deps at

The same problem that existed when it was proposed as an official
module in the desktop a few releases ago may still block it for now:
libnotify needs notification-daemon to be useful, and
notification-daemon requires libsexy.  libsexy is
yet-another-widget-module, and some object to having another widget
module when so much work has gone on to reduce the number of such
modules.  Of course, it's been a while and libnotify is an optional
dependency of an awful lot of modules these days.  So we may want to
balance this with whether the are any plans to move the necessary
functionality into GTK+ soon, or whether people are as worried about
an extra library today given libnotify's adoption.

So, this really is something that needs a lot of discussion.

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