RE: Button highlighting, middle and right buttons don't work in Xaw application on GNOME desktop

On Wed, 2007-04-11 at 12:20 +0100, Bastien Nocera wrote:
> Probably due to the xrdb calls in gnome-settings-daemon. Try running
> gnome-settings-daemon by hand on your "bare" X, and see whether that
> breaks it.

Yes, it appears you're right.  Gnome-settings-daemon is creating Xaw
Command widget resources which override XRN's and cause it not to work
properly.  Why is it doing that?  Is it really necessary for
gnome-settings-daemon to install explicit button translations like that?
How can I make it stop?

Oh, wait, let me guess, the point is to allow the user to switch the
handedness of the mouse, in which case gnome-settings-daemon mucks with
the resources to cause the mouse buttons to swap.

If that's correct, then the way it's doing that is breaking valid Xaw
applications.  Isn't there a way to do it in the xorg.conf file or
something instead of by mucking with X resources?  I realize that would
require the user logging out and back in again, but there are other
settings that do that, so it seems to me that would be preferable to
breaking valid applications.

And I'm still wondering how I can make it stop :-).


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