gnome-open behavior reguarding .desktop files

As per the comment on bug 343896 I am forwarding this to this list for
discussion. To summarize the bug, libgnome's gnome-open will open
a .desktop file with a text editor, causing several applications (such
as deskbar-applet) to open .desktop files, when it is more likely that
the user was expecting the command associated with the .desktop file to
be run. Since this is a somewhat major behavior change to a standing
api, what are peoples thoughts on such a change, would it be desired, or
more of a pain then its worth? 

Personally, I think that we should offer an API to execute .desktop file
commands somewhere in the libgnome api, but maybe gnome-open isn't the
place to do it? Please, all thoughts and commends welcome.

Kevin Kubasik


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