Re: Proposing Tracker for inclusion into GNOME 2.18

Jamie McCracken wrote:

I know this is a bit late in the hour but I should be in the nick of time as the new modules proposals deadlines ends in a few hours!

So well, what modules are you proposing ? the Tracker database and indexer ?

Use cases that looks interesting to me wrt tracker and that I'd like to see developped:

- using it as a backend for gedit to store its own metadata about files
  (like current line number, syntax highlighting used, etc.)

- common database for pictures (f-spot) or music (rhythmbox, banshee),
  possibly faster than the current backends for those.

I'm not really interested in the indexer aspect of tracker (I don't use 'search' often and I don't see any other use case)

A side question: is it possible for tracker to track in some way the backuped files ? I'm thinking about burned CDs containing pictures, since f-spot for instance is not capable of telling me "the pics you are looking for were burned on the BLAH_2006 photo CD!"

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