GNOME Development suite (was: Re: Glade 3.0 stable branched)

Hi guys, [starting a new thread]

Tristian wrote:

>>We should *totally* have a developer tools suite.
>I agree.
> Well that makes 3 of us :) so I went ahead and created a wiki page
> so we can see what happens, other
> interested module maintainers that think thier module is suitable for
> a developer tools suite should propose thier module for inclusion
> on that page (for now I just put glade ofcourse) - once we have a sign
> of collaboration on this then we can start figuring release schedules
> and stuff, maybe open an ML - I dont know.
> Well its not much but at least I learned how to create a wiki page :)
I am glad that this topic has been brought forward again :). We did a
similar effort long long time back, but it didn't quite tick.

The website is kind of outdated, but I believe we can revive it and make
some real effort this time. A mailing list was also setup for the group
called gnome-devtools(@) I guess it is still used by some
people (e.g. devhelp).

So, in addition to coming up with plans, release system and other
necessary stuffs for meta distribution, I would also like to see
collaborations among the development tools in terms of integration and

There has been some great success in Anjuta/devhelp/glade integration
since then, but what we need more is to extend such performance among
other development tools.



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