Re: isn't CD creator redundant?

> It's useful if you want to burn some stuff, but aren't sure if it will
> fit on a CDR or not. You can add stuff it the CD creator, and at the end
> look at the size to determine whether you need a CDR or a DVDR to put it
> on. It's also needed if you want to create a CD image without needing a
> CDR itself.

I guess you are right, there are reasons not to remove it from the menu
when there is no blank CD in the tray.

What about when there IS a CD? We have two menu items ("cd creator" and
"blank CD") that do exactly the same and needlessly populate the menu.
Would it be a good idea to show only one of them? My bet would be to
remove "blank CD" since it keeps consistency and blank CDs aren't
browseable anyway (well they are, but there are no files to browse).

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