First successful build on

[posting to desktop-devel-list@ following Luis advice]


143 modules, not a single failure.

I am quite happy to announce the first ever really complete and
successful build published on;

This is after a few days fixing issues so I am also quite happy
to do something else now :)

The last build went with minimal patching thanks to prompt reactions
from GNOME hackers, here is a short list that still need to be
applied, from the top of my head:

 - jhbuild: support for building Perl modules (needed for Net::DBus
   which is in turn requested by system-tools-backends)

 - metacity: build error in c-window.c if not HAVE_COMPOSITE_EXTENSIONS

 - gnome-python-desktop: MetaCursor metacity enum changed

 - jhbuild: use Mozilla 1.8 branch (and xulrunner)

This build also had some tweaks to configure flags, the most important
being disabling NSS and S/MIME from evolution and e-d-s.

Thanks again to everybody.



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