gnomeapplet: import gtk.EventBox fails

NB: This is python related, but PyGTK seems to be a gnome thing, so I
hope this is the correct list.

I'm having trouble importing gnomeapplet:
    ImportError: cannot import name EventBox from gtk

The applet.override source for gnomeapplet in gnome-python-desktop
attempts on line 14:
    import gtk.EventBox as PyPyGtkEventBox_Type

I've looked at PyGTK's codegen, and after parsing that statement and
figuring out modulename=gtk, pyname=EventBox, cname=PyPyGtkEventBox_Type,
it looks at gtk's dictionary, where it doesn't find EventBox, and finally
returns the ImportError;

So, my question is, why does the applet.override import gtk.EventBox?
Importing gtk.EventBox doesn't work, at least not for me. I tried changing
it to from gtk import ... but the regex for the override codegen utility
doesn't match it (and I don't feel like changing too much just to figure
this out).

Am I missing something? Should I have separate EventBox (et cetera)
python files in gtk/ ?

Here are my relevant package versions:
    python: 2.4.3
    pygtk: 2.8.6
    gtk+: 2.8.13
    gnome-python: 2.12.3
    gnome-python-desktop: 2.14.0


(PS: If this is not the appropriate list, please tell me! Sorry!)

Benjamin Jasper McMillan | "The hardest thing to understand is why we can
ben benmcmillan com      | understand anything at all."        - Einstein

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