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> > My idea is this. I would really like it if my Desktop actually were
> > the File Browser. In other words instead of having a seperate Desktop/
> > directory in my home directory, the desktop could actually reflect my
> > home directory (or any other defaut directory I tell it too for that
> > matter), but more that this, to be able to navigate thru the file
> > heirarchy like one normally does with Nautilus, but without the need
> > for a seperate window.

> The best place to see this working is on a PSION series 5 (maybe
> later, I only have a 5) - it is still the most productive environment
> I have ever used - and I liked the way the desktop was the file
> manager.

It isn't entirely clear what you mean but if I understand you correctly
you could achieve something similar by running Matchbox on your desktop
instead of Metacity (which have done before to try it out and I kind of
liked it).  Matchbox takes the main menu and displays it on the

Hope that helps


Alan Horkan

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