PDFs and gnome-user-docs

I just committed a patch to gnome-user-docs to include install targets
for PDF documents.  The PDFs must exist in cvs as


and will be installed to


Thanks to Shaun McCance for this patch and his autotools magic.

I've also uploaded a PDF for each of the guides.  Unfortunately, they
are only for the C locale.  Hopefully we'll have translated versions
for 2.16.

Now, every 2.14 installation should have PDFs for the user-guide,
accessibility guide and system-admin-guide installed by default.

I will be updating the PDFs right before I roll a release for
gnome-user-docs tomorrow night, to put some finishing touches on them.
So if there is any content you want to show up in the PDFs, please make
the appropriate changes before Monday at 0500 UTC  (This is Sunday, 10PM
MST for me).


Brent Smith <gnome nextreality net>
IRC: smitten

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