Re: PDFs for user-guide, accessibility-guide and system-admin-guide

--- Brent Smith <gnome nextreality net> wrote:

> I've been working on generating some new PDFs for
> the documentation in
> the gnome-user-docs package. 
> At this point, I would just like some feedback on
> these.  I've ironed
> out most of what I think are the major issues, but I
> would like to hear
> comments about these, specifically related to
> formatting issues 

Looks good!
Some minor points:

Page 3 is blank.

The Info section icon seems to be a pair of feet.

Some headings are at the very bottom of pages. Eg the
"Mouse Pointers" heading, page 3. A picture caption
bottom of page 46 too.

Remark elements are being shown, eg top of chapter 3:
"Needs better intro
This chapter needs work"

The xrefs are links in Evince, but I think on paper
they could be clearer. Eg "the section called ?Spatial
Mode?" Could we give the chapter number? eg
"the section called ?Spatial Mode? in chapter x".

How should ulinks to other manuals be presented?
Bottom of page 110: See the GStreamer Properties
Manual [ghelp:gstreamer-properties].

Could the subsections of chapter 8 each start on a new

I've already spotted some mistakes in the UG that I'm
off to correct :)

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