PDFs for user-guide, accessibility-guide and system-admin-guide

I've been working on generating some new PDFs for the documentation in
the gnome-user-docs package.  I've come up with some build scripts[1]
that  generate some decent output using Apache's FOP and Norman Walsh's
DocBook -> XSL-FO stylesheets.

The generated PDFs are available at:


At this point, I would just like some feedback on these.  I've ironed
out most of what I think are the major issues, but I would like to hear
comments about these, specifically related to formatting issues (since I know the content needs some work ;-) Although, really we have had some
great work on the docs this cycle, thanks to some new contributors.

[1] http://www.gnome.org/~bmsmith/gnomedocs-snapshot-20060307.tar.gz


Brent Smith <gnome nextreality net>
IRC: smitten

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