Need an icon and stuff

First, sorry for the noise but I figure this is the correct list.

I'm about 1/3 done with a program that is GPL and intended for Gnome
users.  "DVD Juicer" not that I'm a name mimic or anything.  The
program is just a simple C wrapper (gtk of course) around
extract/transcode type tools and the program itself isn't linked to
any questionably licensed libraries - it calls external programs.  It
aims for simplicity and the hope is the people that use it won't have
to understand frame rates, codecs, yada yada yada.  The program picks
the main track (all can be selected) and the user just hits "record"
and that's that.

In any event I'm not very artistically gifted and am looking for
somebody to develop an icon for it.  I pretty much know what I'm after
but don't have graphic skills.

After that I guess I'm wondering about hosting issues.  Assuming that
I get it banged into useable state, at that point I'd be kind of
wanting a mailing list and perhaps someplace to host a tarball,
bugzilla too I guess.

I'm not subscribed but lurk the list so if you're interested in the
icon thing I'd appreciate an email.  If somebody can point me to the
details for web hosting issues I'd appreciate that too.  Thanks for
your time.

I didn't spend money on the optional funny tag line.  Jeff Waugh used
to have very funny ones so just paste one of his here.

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