Re: What happened to Subversion?

On 6/4/06, BJörn Lindqvist <bjourne gmail com> wrote:
Supposedly, Gnome's CVS repositories were about to be converted to
Subversion 18th March this year. It didn't happen and not much have
been written about it on the infrastructure list. So I wonder if the
switch is still planned and when it will happen? I for one, would very
much prefer svn instead of cvs.

Looks like we failed somewhere to get the word out about
devel-announce-list widely enough.  It's a very low volume list meant
for important announcements.  Granted, as aes mentioned, the general
discussion happened on gnome-hackers but for those who'd prefer to
just get the big announcements, the postponement[1] and new date[2] of
the SVN migration were both announced to devel-announce-list.


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