Gtk# in the bindings suite

>  * Should we include Gtk# in the Bindings suite?
>   - short term
>   - it hasn't been proposed for 2.16, but we could grandfather it in
>   - the release management issues have largely been solved, aside from Gtk#
>     not being split between Platform and Desktop (stable and unstable) APIs
>     which is pretty important in terms of ISV/ISD communication and so on
>   - bindings are a very important part of GNOME, and our value proposition
>   - it seems that few people are concerned about Gtk# adopting the release
>     process and other standards, then being included in our Bindings suite
>   - a social/business/non-technical issue may persist regarding GNOME using
>     or endorsing a Microsoft derived technology; some users/vendors may not
>     appreciate that, to the point that they may choose to disassociate from
>     the GNOME project (this shouldn't be dismissed out of hand)


They're already widely used and they seem to be mature enough to be included
 in the suite.

I cannot se a reason why they shouldn't if they follow the bindings/platform
stability rules and are prepared to follow the release schedule.


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