Re: Time to heat up the new module discussion

s�6 07 2006 kl. 23:33 -0500, skrev Jason D. Clinton:

While you provided a fine run down of arguments, I believe you forgot a
vital one, Mono can be optimized, we can cut down ressource consumption,
we can indeed do better - we cannot however make C development as fast
development in C#, nor as fun. Twice the memory consumption is as I
understand it not the lowest common denominator but rather the worst
case under the new garbage collector - but nobody has provided hard
numbers for the highly contested ressource use yet.

Mono comes with a complete set of tools and the only reason we even have
to have this debate is the excellence of the applications it enables us
to ship... this is a luxury problem. The question isn't if we want to
rewrite all of GNOME in C# but do we want the applications it enables us
to ship or don't we. 

Yes, beagle sometimes eats small furry children for breakfast but we
aren't debating beagle for inclusion.. yet, by the time we will being
having that debate, naturally it would prudent to examine if it still
displays grotesk ressource abuse and if we can fix it. We are
specifically talking about Tomboy this time around. 

- David Nielsen

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