Re: New modules in 2.14

> Le lundi 16 janvier 2006 à 19:13 -0700, Elijah Newren a écrit :
>> Ok, here's what I'm guessing is the rough module consensus after
>> having re-read or skimmed a ton of emails:
>> In:
>> - libnotify & notification-daemon[3]
>> Does that sound right?
> Sounds right to me. The only thing I fear is that a lot of apps will use
> notification bubbles without good reasons. I'd like to see some HIG
> recommandations for this.
> Also, it's not clear whether apps should use notification bubbles or the
> notification area. And sometimes they use both...
> Vincent

libnotify lets applications set a urgency level for notifications among
low, normal and critical. Maybe notify-daemon can fileter them, showing
only notifications above or equal a user selected urgency level, maybe
with a very small and simple UI to store a GConf key with that value and
able to send notify-daemon a command via dbus. This should work, at least
until applications will start marking all their nofitications as critical
Anyway a HIG annex will be more than welcome.

Luca (I'm the one who proposed libnotify and notify-daemon :)

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