Re: Special folders in gnome

fre 2006-01-13 klockan 14:10 +0000 skrev Richard Hughes:

> If the person uses a shell script, or KDE program, and it comes up
> with /Photos rather than %translation%, then the user should understand
> it's because they are not using a GNOME program.
> Users are not stupid, but that is just my point of view.

No, users are not stupid. But not all people are interested in finding
out if firefox is a gnome app or not. My mom doen't have a clue about
what gnome is and that firefox is not a gnome app. And my mom is not
stupid, she just doesn't care.
She is also not very good at english so I'd be surprised if she would
realize that Templates is the same folder as "Mallar" but just not


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