Blocker bugs for GNOME 2.14


Over the past few days I've been working with a few people on the
release team and bugsquad to increase the quality of the blockers list
for GNOME 2.14.  We've moved most of the less severe bugs off of this
list leaving bugs that are real candidates to block the release.

I've compiled a list of these bugs with summary information.

I intend to compile such a list semi-regularly and send it to d-d-l to
ensure that these bugs are getting the attention that they need (so that
they don't creep up on us at the end and delay the release).

An open bug is considered a blocker if it has its "Gnome target:" field
set.  As such, this field should only ever be used on bugs which might
be worth holding up the release for (usually as decided by a senior
bugsquad member or the release team themselves).  On the other hand, if
you have a bug that you think might be worth holding up the release for,
please get in contact with the bugsquad or the release team and make
sure they know about it.

If you have some spare time or are looking for something to do then
please take a look at the bugs on this list.  Given many eyes the bugs
here should become shallow and disappear rapidly.

Here is the list:

#122688: modal dialog popup + drag in progress = mouse freeze

  If the user is dragging an icon or rubberbanding in nautilus at
  the time that a modal window pops up then the entire desktop
  freezes.  The only way to unfreeze the desktop is to kill off
  nautilus.  mclasen says that GTK has a mechanism to recognise and
  avoid this situation but nautilus doesn't use it.  Huge user
  impact and no reason it can't be fixed.

#157941: Help browser content is inaccessible [REGRESSION]

  The screenreading software can't "see" the text in the help browser.
  You can make a reasonable argument that if the help isn't accessible
  then the desktop itself is not accessible.

#310153: crashes on attempt to use in libgnomeui

  Somehow an invalid URI is getting into the bookmarks file and
  causing libgnomeui to crash on reading it.  At the very least
  we can work around this problem very easily and hopefully it
  will be easy to fix properly.

#317312: [CAN-2005-0023] gnome-pty-helper writes arbitrary utmp records

  We have an open security advisory and nobody has even touched it.
  Even though the results of this attack are minimal (faked log
  files) this needs to be looked into and fixed ASAP.

#319308: Accessibility: Folder name does not exist in canvas

  Evolution accessibility bug.  The contacts folders are not as
  accessible as they could be.  Has a patch so it should be a
  quick fix.

#319549: gnome.ui.icon_lookup() segfaults on weird filenames

  This bug causes segfaults when rendering icons for odd
  filenames.  I've tried to trigger this by creating some of these
  weird filenames and wandering into a directory containing them
  with nautilus.  In my tests, this does *not* trigger the crash.

#320217: recoursive copy & replace fails and all files are deleted

  'gnomevfs-copy foo foo' erases foo.  This is a disaster but it
  is being actively looked into.

#325737: Nautilus crashes after adding files to burn area

  Nautilus crashes when you drag files into the burn folder on
  Solaris.  This is obviously a big problem for Solaris users
  and a fix is attached.

#325762: Alarm notification icon is always visible

  The Evolution alarm notification daemon places an icon on the
  notification area that never goes away reducing the usability
  of the notification area.  Evolution needs to be modified to
  only display this icon if actively notifying of a specific

#325861: gnome_vfs_async_xfer reports wrong GnomeVFSXferProgressInfo in
the callback for http method

  I don't really understand this problem but it affects end-user
  applications in a visible way and is well on its way to being

#325988: text files listed as application/octet-stream on non local

  This is a fairly significant problem for people who are
  browsing files on a SMB (or some other) remote filesystem.

Many thanks for reading this far.  Good luck :)


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