Re: Kick libxklavier from the release set and make it an invalid dependency?

Elijah Newren wrote:
Hopefully the subject grabbed the right peoples' attention because
I've gotten no response to
 I discovered via bug 331413 that libxklavier has a version newer than
the ones uploaded to This presents a problem because we can't use the newer version in the
release set unless it's on gnome ftp.  If we get no newer versions
then we're faced with build bugs that will never be fixed.  There are
multiple possible solutions (I just picked the most likely to get a
response one for the subject but it wouldn't be my first choice):

 - Get the tarballs uploaded to gnome ftp
 - Remove libxklavier, and make it a blessed external dependency
 - Remove libxklavier from the desktop, and make any functionality
depending on it only do so optionally and not compiled in by default

As far as I know, libxklavier is a project nowadays, so I think the second solution is the most reasonable one.

  Alexey "Ktirf" Rusakov

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