Fwd: a great idea for gnome three

On 17/02/06, edoardo <thetroublemaker inventati org> wrote:

hi guys : )

i don't write much on this list, but i think a few days ago i had a fantastic
idea for gnome three. it's a revolution.

awright, picture this situation. you're browsin' some web page or i dunno,
usin' xchat to chat with people, or i dunno you're listenin' to music and
enjoyin' your desktop background. or all of these together. it don't matter.

now say you wanna start a new app, like i dunno, gaim, cause you wanna message
someone. this is what you do. you middle click with the mouse. *anywhere* on
the desktop, or on the web browser, or the chat, or whatever. gnome will take
over that. you middle click, and... a sphere comes up where you clicked. on the
side of the sphere that's in front of you, there's an icon of say... xine. you
move the mouse wheel up, and the sphere rotates up, showin' you other quick
link icons, which you can set up as you want of course. you can scroll up and
down, as you want. once you reach gaim, you left click. and the sphere
disappears. and gaim starts.

that's it. how is it? i think it's one of the greatest f***in' ideas that have
ever come to a desktop environment.i mean it came from me so maybe i could be
more relaxed about it but... don't it sound awesome? we would have like the
most innovative user oriented feature a desktop environment has had in years!

it's like... let's do it! how does that sound? give me your opinions, and in
case we wanna do it, i would love to be the designer of this. or one of the
designers. but as a coder, i would like to play a small role. i think i'm a
good designer but a very naive and not advanced coder.

let me know!

ciao! : )



I have never posted on these lists, but I think having this function will
only confuse people, if i middle click i expect to scroll up and down the page,
using this middle mouse button for a pupup is similor to the way Maya (3D programe)
is used.

anyhow, always good to through some ideas in, I think that having a button designated as
a hot key would be better,

for instance, lets say, you always use gaim, firefox, abiword etc... and the short cut key is "S"
so when you press "S" you get a quick popup/panel in the middle of the screen with your most
used applications, this panel can be configured so that you could add what ever programes you wont.

another thing to add to configure this panel, you could make it really simple, and by pressing CTRL+ALT+S
the panel is displayed and will not desapper till you click these buttons again, this will allow you
to add what ever shortcut icons you have.

I duno, maybe am talking too much, but if there is method in my madness then I do let me know.



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