Re: Proposal - Rigorously enforcing the use of TAG in CVS for Gnome 2.14 and beyond


Le mercredi 15 f�ier 2006 �9:22 -0600, Ali Sobhi a �it :
> Hopefully this list is the appropriate place for this posting.
> It is becoming more and more evident that the lack of use of tags in Gnome 
> CVS (and other related CVS) is causing incompatibility and
> makes it very difficult to maintain a clear division between releases and 
> the requirements.
> I have noticed that quite a lot of components started using tags (i.e. 
> gnome-2-12) in CVS and thanks to James, jhbuild started using them too.
> However, there are some modules which are using this mechanism.
> I'm forwarding this request in hopes that module maintainers will start 
> using tags in CVS.

Well, we started recommending using tags when making release a long time
ago. It's even documented in [1]. As for branches, since an old GEP [2],
we also recommend a way to properly do them (which is documented in

So, maintainers, please read the linked pages if you're not sure you're
doing the right thing ;-)




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