Proposal - Rigorously enforcing the use of TAG in CVS for Gnome 2.14 and beyond

Hopefully this list is the appropriate place for this posting.

It is becoming more and more evident that the lack of use of tags in Gnome 
CVS (and other related CVS) is causing incompatibility and
makes it very difficult to maintain a clear division between releases and 
the requirements.

I have noticed that quite a lot of components started using tags (i.e. 
gnome-2-12) in CVS and thanks to James, jhbuild started using them too.
However, there are some modules which are using this mechanism.

I'm forwarding this request in hopes that module maintainers will start 
using tags in CVS.


Ali Sobhi
Sr. Consultant - Austin Accessibility Center - IBM Research
512-823-0064 (T/L 793)              sobhi us ibm com

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