Re: Gnome-utils branched to gnome-2-14

On Wed, 2006-02-08 at 17:06 +0000, Alan Horkan wrote:

> I remain baffled how the file chooser button was designed.
> Everywhere we have text entries followed by a Browse button but the File
> Chooser button looks nothing like this.
> Instead of a widget to encapsulate this established idea there is a
> "button" which looks confusingly like a drop down menu.

Your task is to design a better one, while keeping the API.

The usage case for GtkFileChooserButton is rather vague, but it can be
summarized as "the widget you would use in a configuration dialog to
pick a file or directory that the program will use continually" [1].

The screenshot applet should definitely not use a file chooser button
because it is going to use the file you picked immediately, and only
once.  It should take a GtkFileChooserWidget in SAVE mode, and embed it
in a dialog with a scaled-down version of the screenshot.  See
eggiconchooser to see how a GtkFileChooserWidget can be embedded nicely
in another dialog.

+--------------+  Name:           [screenshot.png_____________]
|              |
|  screenshot  |  Save in folder: [ @ Documents             \/]
|     here     |
|              |
+--------------+                           [ Cancel ]  [ Save ]

[1] Yes, this description should go in the documentation:
Care to polish it up a bit and submit a patch?


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