Re: Design by Community

Jeff said (after 'Sorry State') ...

> I put it in emotive terms because *someone* has to offset all the hugging
> and back-slapping about Dan's mail. All this positivity about a mail that
> basically says "this community shit is too hard! fuck it!", and just puts
> that meme right back in centre square. 
> Deeply unimpressed.

My €0.02:

1) stuff should have gone into cvs right away, in branches (honestly,
nobody has a strong reason to fight 'experimental' branches)
2) projects and progress should have been announced to d-d-l and g-h.
3) then the issue of merging to HEAD (or not) could be raised in a more
objective, matter-of-fact manner in the community.

Of course people would have complained, and made comments varying from
pure noise to helpful insights and everything in between, but I think it
would have been less divisive than the way it went down. 


> - Jeff

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