Re: Design by community


Evandro Fernandes Giovanini said:
I think the process used by Novell is very common in the GNOME community
(and Free Software in general).

Compare & contrast with Spatial nautilus and the GTK+ file selector.

It's also funny that you should pick Metacity - Havoc wrote a document on his theory of simple interface, then wrote metacity & released an early version. Design integrity, right. But RERO as well. Nautilus and the file selector were both designed by a small number of people, and implemented in the open by a wider community.

I'm not sure I agree that "you can't do design by comittee" but I would
agree that a lot of the good design decisions we see in GNOME today came
from only a few coders doing their vision. I'd love to play with the
code as soon as possible but maybe there are other reasons for it not
being released yet. What GNOME can do is encourage the companies making
changes in their development branches to at least commit the patches in
a CVS branch.

There's a question of principle at work here - does having an announcement effect (like a cool demo in Solutions Linux, or giving nice 770 devices to GNOME developers) justify the secrecy of developing a free software product/feature to a point where it's usable offset the damage of developing in a cathedral, while participating in a bazaar?

You can have both design integrity and open development. We've proven it several times. You just need a pig-headed designer with a couple of dedicated disciples (both those qualifications are intended as compliments).


David Neary
bolsh gimp org

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