Re: GNOME subversion migration

26 dec 2006 kl. 22.12 skrev Kjartan Maraas:


That would rock so much!

// Micke

tir, 26.12.2006 kl. 17.24 +0100, skrev Mikael Hallendal:
18 dec 2006 kl. 13.35 skrev Ross Golder:

Hi Ross,

Is there a way to submit modules that you don't want in the move? I
have a module called 'loudmouth' that I will move to git as the old
CVS repository renders obsolete.

Maybe we should consider setting up a formal git infrastructure so that
projects that want to use git will have a way to distribute their
repositories in a more standard way across GNOME? anyone? With a gitweb interface?


Imendio AB,

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