Re: Okay to change Tomboy's DBus namespace to "org.gnome.Tomboy"?

FYI: I committed this change in CVS today.

On 12/1/06, Boyd Timothy <btimothy gmail com> wrote:
Now that Tomboy is a GNOME application (and before the old name's
there too long), I wanted to change the DBus names that Tomboy is
registered under:

Change the main DBus name:

    com.beatniksoftware.Tomboy -> org.gnome.Tomboy

Change the RemoteControl object path and name:

    /com/beatniksoftware/Tomboy/RemoteControl -> /org/gnome/Tomboy/RemoteControl
    com.beatniksoftware.Tomboy.RemoteControl -> org.gnome.Tomboy.RemoteControl

As far as I know, only Tomboy is currently using the RemoteControl
interface to enforce a singleton process and to support command-line
manipulation of the existing Tomboy instance.

Does anyone forsee any problems if I change this?  Are there any other
programs using this interface?


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