Re: How to make sure your applications still works with Bug-Buddy 2.16.0

On 8/13/06, Frédéric Bellaiche <frederic bellaiche gmail com> wrote:
Let's say I have customized this way " epiphany.deskop". I ended up with a
customized "epiphany.desktop" in ~/local/share/applications. And then
imagine I'm migrating to 2.16. The "epiphany.desktop" (inside
/usr/share/applications) will be upgraded to work wtih bug-buddy 2.16 but
not the one in ~/local/share
which will still have precedence over the /usr/share one.

Yes, I realized of this problem last night while trying to guess why
eog was on my list of non-having bugzilla info binaries. It was
because I have it customized by the "Open with" nautilus thing. As we
are really close to the final release the only workaround I found was
on file.

I know that this is going to break autopackage installed applications,
but I couldn't find any other way using gmenu API to skip ~/.local/
files during the merge.


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