GNOME user question

I'm working in an sparc solaris environment. We store all of our login
directory files on a distributed networked file server, and have our
"home" directory automounting in a way that we can use any sparc to
login and we will see all our files.

The problem is this - users at times have need to lock their screens,
leave the area, and then, when at another part of the facilities, log
into the system and use GNOME.

Usually, this works okay. Of course, GNOME pops up a box warning the
user that since the files are already in use, there will be problems if
they attempt to save things. But if the user is careful not to change
panels, their screen savers, etc. they can use other apps, get to a web
browser, etc.

However, occasionally, during the login process, something goes awry,
and the user either doesn't get to login at all, or the environment they
do get is unusable (no input accepted, etc.)

Has anyone tried something similar to this and figured out what causes
the occasional pain? The only solution, when the incomplete environment
is encountered, is to get someone to reboot the original logged in
account and then to reboot the second machine.

Thanks for your considerations.

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