Re: Tomboy in 2.16


I've never really felt comfortable with the linked-square icons, which is why the Tintin logo has been around for so long. Though, at this point, I suspect the linked-square is reaching de-facto status. (I would like to note that I've never received a patch to switch the icons, even though every distro is using one.)

I raise the question of stickynotes in my original mail... I am somewhat indifferent to the decision. I do think forcing stickynotes users onto a completely different interface is a bad idea, especially one lacking the features they expect from stickynotes (namely the stickiness). An import wizard the first time tomboy is run might be a better option.


Rodney Dawes wrote:
On Tue, 2006-04-18 at 14:33 -0700, Alex Graveley wrote:
Tomboy is already a well-behaved Gnome application, but several tasks would need to be completed before inclusion:
  * Using jimmac's trademark-free icons by default.

The standard sticky notes icon, or the linked notes icon? It seems that
despite the fact that the linked notes icon is more like notes, it is
unclear as to what is actualy in the icon, because the concept of linked
notes is somewhat hard to comprehend for users. We all know that they
are linked, but perhaps this is just a technical detail that we should
not be conveying in the icons and such. It's an interesting feature, but
it's not really the entire selling point that we should be using for
tomboy, I think. Jakub has drawn some standard sticky-notes style icons,
which I think probably let users understand what tomboy is, much better.

Also, if we do make tomboy part of the desktop, does that mean we should
drop the notes applet from gnome-applets? If so, does that mean that we
will be "losing" data for some users? Can tomboy migrate that data over,
so that we don't just end up losing the notes for those users?

-- dobey

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