Tomboy in 2.16


Tomboy is a desktop note-taking application for Gnome and is bundled by many major distributions. I think it counts as a popular and worthwhile software. Should we bite the bullet and add it to the Gnome desktop officially?

Providing a reliable, friendly UI for note-taking is valuable to our users, and could provide an important differentiator between Gnome and other desktops. Including this functionality in the platform also ensures that it can be used as a strong base for integration with other applications.

Tomboy is already a well-behaved Gnome application, but several tasks would need to be completed before inclusion:
 * Using jimmac's trademark-free icons by default.
 * Allowing themed icons.
 * Basic user documentation.

These are all relatively straightforward, though there are certainly others that I'm missing.

An important question may be the possible deprecation of the stickynotes applet in favor of Tomboy, in which case an upgrade path will need to be supported. Personally, I think both applications have value on the desktop, though I concede the conflict in functionality may lead to confusion.

For the record, Tomboy is entirely original code which happens to be written in C#. This would make it the first Gnome application to require the Mono platform. Luckily, Mono is now included by many major distributions already.

Given that Tomboy is the probably the smallest and therefore the most digestible of the new crop of Mono-based Gnome applications, I think the time is right to discuss inclusion.



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