Re: gtkspell (was Re: Announcing: Project Ridley)

Hi folks,

GtkSpell lacks some features and I've been aware of the lack for years
-- even since the GTK < 2 days.  I haven't had the time to work on
GtkSpell and so finally, rather than stifling it by hanging on too
tightly, I found a new maintainer, who has done a great job of making
incremental releases (including, from a glance at the ChangeLog,
perhaps fixing the tagtable bug that Alex mentioned).

But he appears to also be busy.  This project is a superficially
simple one but also has had enough eyeballs (see Pango bug 97545,
which I logged and worked around back in 2002 -- maybe it's since been
fixed?  again, the GtkSpell ChangeLog indicates otherwise) that it
ought to be a great project for someone looking into adding some
lower-in-the-stack functionality that would benefit a lot of projects.

Or, another way of saying it: contributors welcome.

On 8/26/05, Chipzz <chipzz ulyssis org> wrote:
> Something that really bothers me about gtkspell too is the lack of an
> option in the popup to change the language. While by default it uses
> your desktop language (I think), which is something that makes sense,
> there are a lot of non-native English speakers running their desktops in
> English (I, for example, am a native Dutch speaker, but I really hate to
> run my desktop in Dutch).
> This is a real annoyance in gaim for example: it labels allmost all of
> the words as incorrect.
> On Fri, 26 Aug 2005, Alex Graveley wrote:
> > I'm all for spellchecking in Gtk, but GtkSpell has been nothing but
> > trouble for me in Tomboy.  It still doesn't handle multiple textbuffers
> > sharing a tag table (which means that rich copy/paste doesn't work), and
> > has some serious memory leaks (though this may be due in part to pspell).

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