Re: Preliminary Gnome 2.14 Schedule

Hi Elijah,

Yesterday at 21:00, Elijah Newren wrote:

> How about we make it a non-binding guideline[1] for 2.14 (which
> appears at the end of the release-dates page as a reminder), and then
> make it a little more strict for the next cycle after we've tried it
> out and have a better idea what the right timing is (and have some
> scripts and stuff to assist with it)?  Sound reasonable?

That's exactly what I had in mind: I don't expect it to be strict at
all, and not just temporarily, maybe not even ever!  But a chance to
shout out reminders to not release too soon without having to explain
the reasons each and every time is always welcome :)

> [1] Basically meaning that we can still contact module authors that
> don't follow it and ask them nicely if they'll be able to notify the
> right people and/or release within the right window in the future. 

Yeah, all we'd need is for the (hopefully) minority modules that will
release early to notify us appropriately.  Some maintainers already do
that, but having it as a general guideline (to remind them about it)
is only going to help us organize our work in both translation and
documentation team.

Of course, this is not too big of a problem, but having it there in
the release schedule should make maintainers aware that there is also
a reason not to release too early if they can avoid it.


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