Re: Preliminary Gnome 2.14 Schedule

Hi Elijah,

It's wonderful that you're taking initiative to streamline our release
process!  I love all the suggestions, and I'll chip in with my thoughts.

Today at 7:42, Elijah Newren wrote:

> The specific solutions I'm proposing are:
>   - Tarballs are due by 23:59 UTC on the Monday specified

Can we also add a general guideline as to *earliest* when tarballs
should be rolled out?  I know we can't be too strict on this one
(every now and then there will be a couple of exceptions; for some we
will be using very old tarballs such as previous Gnome releases), but
I believe documentation and translation projects would benefit from 
having exact date until they can work on something while being sure
that their work will end up in the release.

So far, I have always had problems answering the ultimate question of
all translators: "up to when can we submit our translations to be sure
that they are making it into the release?"  Yeah, every day counts.

Maybe that's what current two days in the "roll out period" is about,
but I just want to make it a bit more specific.  

Asking for a simple "notify gnome-i18n, gnome-doc-list if you are
releasing early" (just like Rich did with gcalctool in this round)
would be a great help as well.


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